Own cultivation

In addition to its own processing Ropapharm International BV produces the necessary raw materials from its own land.

By growing the right plants by specially bred and selected seeds Ropapharm International BV provides constant quality oregano oil. The production is in Turkey at the ideal altitude and light intensity where growth and harvest will be promoted. It provides the best oil through the right climatic conditions!


A large quantity of scientific publications and practical studies are concerned with the applications and operation of essential oils and plant extracts. Research revealed which are the most suitable types of oregano.
Ropapharm International B.V uses the oregano types Oreganum Vulgare ssp and Oreganum Ornythes in their products. These variants have an extremely high level of Carvacrol, thymol and p-cymen. The oregano types of which we are using in the products of Ropapharm International B.V. are highly active!

The use of these oils for animals has been developed by Ropapharm International B.V. developed and has been patented worldwide since 1995!

Ropapharm International B.V. cooperates with the “praktijkonderzoek plant & omgeving’ (PPO) – Institute (Wageningen) 

The specially selected Oregano hybrid is home grown, harvested and processed. 
The quality of the commodity, the growth of the plants and the optimal processing of it is continuous watched. It is important that the concentration of the active components from the oregano plant is optimal in order to get a good finished product. This is what Ropapharm international B.V. (QS-ID: 4031735585193) provides.


The essential oils are distilled from the oregano plants by steam distillation. In a next step the extraction is put on a carrier.

Processing to a final product

In addition to powder, emulsion and solutions, the active substances in spray, ointments, lotions and as a feed additives can be offered to the market.