Ropa-B for Pigeons - 15th Feb 2011
Nigel Llewellyn, a well known and respected breeder of top racing pigeons told us how delighted he was to find Ropa-B on the UK market again.  Nigel used Ropa-B around 5 years ago when he purchased it at a show in Utrecht, Holland.  However when he wanted to re-order it he was unable to locate it either in the UK or Holland.

Having seen an advert last year in British Homing World, Nigel telephoned us and asked "is your product the golden oil?"  We told him it was and that Ropa-B is the original oregano product.  He was really pleased and said he had tried other versions of oregano based products but none had performed the same as Ropa-B.

Nigel told us " I use it all year round for all of my birds, young and old.  I can't tell you how pleased I am to have found Ropa-B again.  I put it in the drinking water and occasionally add some to the corn and the birds look fantastic on it"

In addition to the Ropa-B Nigel uses FliteBOOST, another natural product that has a very positive effect on the respiratory tract. " I now use FliteBOOST in combination with Ropa-B, these two products mean my pigeons have optimal digestive and respiratory health - people who come and buy my pigeons are always asking me how I keep my birds looking so well.  I tell them that the answer is simple, Ropa-B and FliteBOOST ".

Nigel is more than happy for people to ring and have a chat about the benefits Ropa-B and FliteBOOST will bring.  If you would like to give him a call his number is 02380 899 203. 

EqueBOOST for Horses -
22nd Feb 2011
Testimonial from Licensed East Anglian Parelli Instructor Ė Claire Burgess

"I would highly reccommend this product. My horse always suffers badly from allergy related respiratory problems in the winter months. We have tried medicines from the vets in the past and although they do work they are extremely expensive. This product is great as it cleared his lungs and is far more affordable over a winter. It is easy to use and my fussy horse licked the bowl clean when I added it to his dinner. Thank you for a more cost effective way to keep my horse healthy. "

Testimonial letter from N Ibbs from Suffolk
A brief history, I purchased my horse, King, a 12 year old 16.2hh Irish Sports Horse, in February 2010 but on bringing him home, I noticed that he had a bad case of violent coughing even when just standing in the paddock. I had this diagnosed by my Vet as COPD and he was prescribed a course of steroids to help treat this. However, the Vet also found that King was suffering with high liver enzymes (could have been due to eating some poisonous plant in the past) so before he could have the steroids, he had to go on a course of antibiotics to treat the liver disorder.
Eventually, after 4 months of medication, complete rest and a strict feeding regime (ie soaking his hay and feed to eliminate any dust spores aggravating his lungs and putting him on shavings rather than straw), I got him to a stage where I could at last start riding him.
However, I understand that the COPD will never go away completely and for this reason, I am giving him a daily dose of EqueBOOST. He has been on this since the beginning of January 2011 and even after such a short time, his coat is shinier, his eyes brighter and he appears to be a lot happier in himself. Even friends have remarked how well he looks now.
I will definitely continue to use EqueBOOST in his feed for I believe that it is certainly being beneficial to his general health and wellbeing. Thank you for continuing to supply me with this supplement.