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Congratulations Gary!
Here at Ropastore we get very excited when any of our customers achieve something special; it makes us feel part of their success.   We are proud to say that Gary Daykin is one of our most valued customers and his performances at national level are staggering, here are some of his results from the 2013 season:

Last two old bird races of the season with the Midland National Flying Club 28th July 2013:
Blue Riband - Bordeaux National, 560 miles, 1351 birds
1st Section, 13th Open

Vire National, 286 miles, 4379 birds
1st, 3rd, 5th, 10th, 11th Section,    10th, 16th, 22nd, 52nd, 57th Open

Saturday 31st August 2013, Midland National Flying Club, Chale YB race, 3936 birds competing
1st Open, 1st Section and Gold Medal Winner

"I am totally convinced of the benefits of oregano and there is none better than Ropa-B"             (Gary Daykin)

We are pleased to supply 'Somerset One Loft Race' with Ropa-B and FliteBOOST.... click here to visit their website.

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"Since using Ropa-B the condition of my birds has improved significantly.  I started using Ropa-B Feeding Oil just before the start of the racing season and already I have had 2 x 1st and a 2nd place in the first 3 races! I would never have had this success prior to using Ropa-B."  (R Pearson - 3rd May 2013)

"I was recommended your products by Gary Daykin and the results have been excellent.  After just one week I can see a clear difference in my birds and my 2 and 3 year old birds are flying like I've never seen them fly before!"
(Owen Shaw - Owen Shaw Trophies - 5th April 2012)

“People are always asking me how I keep my birds looking so healthy?... I tell them the answer is simple, I use Ropa-B and FliteBOOST.”... Nigel Llewellyn, Southampton. (Sept. 2011). 

"I have been using the Ropastore products as you recommended and my birds look fantastic.  When I let them out to exercise they are gone for at least 2 hours.  I haven't seen them look this healthy in the last 7 years!" Erroll Skeete, London, July 2013
"I gave Ropa-B 10% Liquid to some young birds that were showing signs of YBS and the effect was excellent. Within 2 days the birds were back to full health, I can't believe how good this product is" ... (Ken Dobson, Aug. 2013)

"We used Ropa-B throughout this year and the effect against Young Bird Sickness was fantastic...we can't recommend this product enough.. we will deifintely be using it again next year.. (Baron & Fowler, Nov.2012)

"I used Ropa-B 10% Liquid as you recommended and the results were remarkable.. I have never used a product as good as this before, I can't recommend it highly enough" (Mr Dixon, July 2012)

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